What is a Scout Parent

A Scout Parent is a parent or adult mentor of a Scout who enthusiastically participates with their Scout and also helps other volunteers to provide the best quality program experience to all youth in every unit.

A ScoutParent:

Leads their family in obtaining the values, benefits, experiences and rewards from their family’s Scouting participation.
Enjoys participating with his or her Scout and inspires their child to persevere in Scouting
Helps enhance youth and parent-mentor recruitment, retention, enthusiasm, commitment and participation.
Is passionate in GREAT Family FUN of Scouting
Visit ScoutParents online to learn more about this opportunity to stay involved in your son's Scouting program.

Growing Up Right, Growing Up Strong...Parents, Kids, and Scouting

This book was written in dedication to Gerald Lawhorn for his vision to support parents in their efforts to raise their children the best way possible. You will find chapters filled with stories of how families support the efforts in involving their children in the community. It’s for parents, mentors, and families, as well. It’s all about diverse people finding common ground in shared values, interests, and challenges. It’s people coming together to help raise each other’s kids. It’s people united by a vital purpose: to create a caring, nurturing, loving environment where their kids can flourish. And whether those kids are blood relatives or not matters little.

Download the Parents Book here [PDF]

How to Volunteer

If you are highly active in the troop or its chartered organization, a time may come when the troop approaches you to fill a leadership position. However, you may wish to make your interest known to the troop leaders (the Scoutmaster or committee chair). Or, if you wish to volunteer to help the district or council, contact Minsi Trails Council or speak with your District Executive.

There's no guarantee that you will be selected for a leadership position right away. The selection process is fairly competitive, and you may be competing with a large number of candidates for a small number of positions. But troops and councils are always grateful for volunteers and should be able to find a place where you can help out until the exact position you're interested in comes open.  Contact Us